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A little about us…

My name is Luke, I’m a startup lawyer and two-time Founder. Back in January of 2022, I started a Twitter account giving shoutouts to founders. It was a fun way to meet new people and learn about the next great businesses being built. Plus, free marketing for them!

Social media is a powerful tool to get the word out about your company. But, you are limited by your follower count. Founders don’t have time to sit around on Twitter all day– they’re out building. The idea was simple: Let founders borrow my audience to share their story.

This idea seemed to resonate with the community and we grew quickly. I realized this passion project could go far beyond a standalone Twitter account. So, I brought my brother-in-law, Henry, on board to help me expand to other platforms.

With that, Startup Founder Daily was born: A startup marketing agency dedicated to promoting and amplifying the voices of startup founders. But we won’t to stop there. We aspire to build the ultimate support system for startups.

With that, Startup Founder Daily was born: A Startup Marketing Agency: dedicated to promoting and amplifying the voices of startup founders – for free.

We’re growing everyday, but the mission remains the same: democratize access to media attention for startups. PR shouldn’t be reserved for companies raising $100m+ rounds of financing. Great startups should be shared. Period.

Free Startup Marketing Agency: Startup Founder Daily

How does the process work?

Founders apply to be featured through our intake form. Here, founders provide information about themselves, their team, and their company. The form does not take long to complete, but please take your time with it. After all, it’s free marketing! The only sunk cost to apply is your time.

We ask you to answer the following questions:

  • Name
  • Contact information
  • What your startup does in 10 words or less
  • Details about yourself
  • Details about your team
  • Details about your company
  • Website URL and social handles
  • Any other information relevant to your application
Free Startup Marketing Agency: Startup Founder Daily Application Form

At the end of the form, we ask if you want your information shared with our network of investors. If you select yes, additional questions will populate the form. Provide the requested metrics and we will try to connect you with capital allocators that fit your stage and sector.

How do we pick founders?

Founders are selected based on two primary criteria: merit and thoroughness of application. If you choose to apply, please take your time with the application form. We evaluate startups similar to how an investor would. In fact, many of our featured founders go on to raise capital!

Note that merit ≠ traction. We have featured startups from ideation stage through post-seed round. Some featured founders have thousands of daily active users and some simply have a prototype. When we say we select startups based on merit, we take the stage of the startup into consideration.

Many of our featured founders go on to raise capital

Some things we consider:

  • Unmet need
  • Feasibility
  • Uniqueness
  • Scaleability
  • Advantage over competitors
  • Team dynamics
  • Offer positioning
  • + Other factors

What happens next?

If selected, we send the Founder a Notion form to collect more information. The provided information forms the basis of the blog post. We ask for this information so we can ensure the piece is accurate and effective. After all, no one can tell the story as well the founder!

The Notion form also provides more information about the timeline. We operate on a one-week schedule: Founders are invited to be featured one week before their promotions go live. They are asked to complete the form within four days, allowing us to review and make edits. We then send the final draft to the Founder for final approval before sharing their story.

Free Startup Marketing Agency: Startup Founder Daily

The Notion form also allows the Founder to share any photos and links they want included in the promotions. Ordinarily, founders want their feature shared as widely as possible. But, if there is any platform you do NOT want to be shared on, just let us know.

After all, no one can tell the story as well the Founder!

What kind of free marketing?

We share selected founders across our platforms in three forms:

  1. Long-form articles shared on our blog (with dofollow backlinks)
  2. Shorter-form threads (Twitter and Instagram)
  3. Video (TikTok, Reels, and YouTube shorts)

We also showcase our featured founders in our weekly beehiiv newsletter, The Founder Roundup.

The Founder Roundup Newsletter | Free Startup Marketing Agency: Startup Founder Daily

Below are examples of the features we share.

Long-Form Articles

If you’re reading this right now, you are on our blog! This is where we share long-form articles about our selected founders. But, we don’t stop there. We make sure to drive as much traffic to our founders’ articles as possible by sharing them on our Linkedin and Facebook pages.

For example, we shared Aument’s article on our LinkedIn, garnering over 2,000 impressions.

Free Startup Marketing Agency: Startup Founder Daily Startup Founder Daily LinkedIn Example
Emilio Di Marco of Aument

Shorter-Form Threads

From there, we distill the blog post into a shorter-form thread that we share on Twitter and Instagram. For example, our feature of Mario Abrego of workps received over 3,000 impressions.


The shorter-form thread becomes the script for videos that we share on TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts. For example, the video we shared to promote GoCharlie.ai received over 3,000 impressions on Instagram Reels.

We like to keep tabs on our featured founders. To us, they are our “portfolio companies.” If you need anything, from sharing an announcement tweet to an introduction to investor, we’re here to help.

Apply to be featured today

Now that you know who we are and what we do, what are you waiting for? Startup Founder Daily is the first free startup marketing agency. After all, who could say no to a little free marketing? Click the image below to apply to be featured.

Free Startup Marketing Agency: Startup Founder Daily
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We envision a day where being featured on Startup Founder Daily is a complete game-changer for founders. One day, being featured will lead to a flood of customers, investments, and the recognition our featured founders deserve. Thanks for taking this journey with us.

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