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Sustainable Shopping Made Simple

Today’s Startup Founder of the Day is Irete Hamdani, Founder of askBelynda

Irete Hamdani, sustainable shopping made simple
Irete Hamdani, Founder of askBelynda

Irete’s entrepreneurial journey started with her own personal journey to live a more sustainable life. She started looking into the products she was buying to see how sustainable (or not) they actually were.

She realized that while we are all becoming increasingly environmentally aware, researching how eco-friendly a product or service is requires time, expertise and effort – something the average shopper doesn’t have. Consumers are missing a quick, identifiable, trustworthy way at the point of sale to understand how sustainable their purchase is.

Consumers are missing a quick, identifiable, trustworthy way at the point of sale to understand how sustainable their purchase is

Irete has an MSc. Degree in Computer Science with honors. She is also an AWS Certified Associate Developer and Solution Architect. Irete worked for 25 years in a large corporate environment spanning various roles and technologies – Software Development, Solution Architecture, Pre Sale, Product Management and Business Operations before founding her own startup.

She decided to combine her development skills and her growing knowledge of what makes products sustainable to create askBelynda.

What sets Irete apart from others is a passion for the environment and doing good for the planet, paired with the technical skills to see it through. She has the right vision to turn askBelynda into a successful, profitable, and valuable company.

I believe I can achieve anything I set my mind to. This is very powerful. Almost everything I’m doing with askBelynda is new to me but I don’t find this daunting, I rise to the daily challenges and celebrate the small wins along the way.

Irete Hamdani of askBelynda

About askBelynda

askBelynda, Sustainable Shopping Made Simple

askBelynda is focused on reducing carbon footprints by shifting consumer spending to eco-friendly products. Over the past year, the team has been examining companies, products and certifications according to a comprehensive process. Now, there are several thousands of sustainable Household, Personal Care and Clothing products included in the database.

Additionally, there is a process and resources in place to continue to grow the product database. When vetting products, they not only look into the ingredients, manufacturing processes and shipping processes, but also at how these companies treat their employees and how committed they are to diversity and inclusion.

askBelynda’s first product is a Google Chrome Extension that can be downloaded for free. Whenever you are shopping on Amazon, it will pop up and suggest sustainable products. The Chrome Extension also provides information on why these products are considered sustainable.

Sustainable shopping with askBelynda
Sustainable Shopping Made Simple

With the askBelynda Google Chrome Extension, environmentally-minded consumers can quickly find and buy high-quality, reliably-sustainable products while shopping online. askBelynda’s target market is environmentally-minded adults in the U.S. that shop online on Amazon. The ideal customer is a shopper seeking education on what makes a product sustainable. They care about the environment and the planet they’re leaving to their kids.

With the askBelynda Google Chrome Extension, environmentally-minded consumers quickly find and buy high-quality, reliably-sustainable products while shopping online

askBelynda was recently selected as the #4 product of the day on Product Hunt. Product Hunt is a highly competitive platform for launching tech products. Check out their launch profile.

Advice to Fellow Founders

Just go out and do it! Yes, check product-market fit, and yes, see that you have enough budget before you leave your day job, but then just go and follow your passion. This will be the most alive you’ll ever feel, with daily lows and highs, small wins and moments of self doubt, but I think think its definitely worth it.

Irete Hamdani, Founder of askBelynda

How You Can Help

Download askBelynda today. askBelynda is looking to grow their customer base significantly. If you are a conscious consumer buying from Amazon on your desktop and living in the U.S., check askBelynda out! Download askBelynda today. Share with like-minded friends and help askBelynda become the largest database of sustainable products in the world, changing the buying patterns as we know them today.

Congrats to our Founder of the Day, Irete!

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